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The Sweetest Thing

To ease their roommate through a relationship-induced depression, Christina Walters and Courtney Rockcliffe take her out on the town. During […]

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The Sweetest Christmas

“When struggling pastry chef Kylie Watson learns she’s made it to the finals of the American Gingerbread Competition, she thinks […]

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Sweet Home Alabama

Melanie Carmichael, an up and rising fashion designer in New York, has gotten almost everything she wished for since she […]

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Life Is Sweet

Just north of London live Wendy, Andy, and their twenty-something twins, Natalie and Nicola. Wendy clerks in a shop, leads […]

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Home Sweet Hell

Don Champagne seems to have it all: a successful business, a perfect house, perfect kids and a perfect wife. Unfortunately, […]

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[DE] Céleste

In 1914, with men gone to war, Marcel Proust hired Céleste Albaret as his attendant. More than eight years later, […]

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Bye Bye Birdie

Conrad Birdie is the biggest rock & roll star of the 60’s ever to be drafted. Aspiring chemist and song […]

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Hurricane Streets

Marcus is a kid on Manhattan’s mean streets. He’s turning 15, his father is dead, his mother is in prison […]

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Mid to Late

What if you received a letter you’d written to yourself in high school, predicting where you would be in ten […]

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A bittersweet tale of the increasing estrangement of a retired automobile tycoon and his wife. Increasingly obsessed with maintaining an […]

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Rock-a-Bye Baby

About the only thing kept in this film from Preston Sturges original story for “The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek” is […]

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Mask of Thorn

Bethany has been kidnapped by Avondale’s popular kids for a surprise birthday party to celebrate her sweet 16. They don’t […]

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Extra Ordinary

Rose, a sweet, lonely driving instructor in rural Ireland, is gifted with supernatural abilities. Rose has a love/hate relationship with […]

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High Hopes

Slice-of-life look at a sweet working-class couple in London, Shirley and Cyril, his mother, who’s aging quickly and becoming forgetful, […]

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Gray Matters

Gray and Sam are brother and sister and best friends, flatmates in New York City, where she creates ad campaigns […]

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Shipwreck survivors are found on Beiru Island (Infanto tô), which was previously used for atomic tests. The interior is amazingly […]

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Sex and the City

After moving in together in an impossibly beautiful New York apartment, Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big make a rather arbitrary […]

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The Ice Harvest

Larceny, lust and lethal behavior. In icebound Wichita, Kansas, it’s Christmas Eve, and this year Charlie Arglist just might have […]

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Sunshine Cleaning

A family. Rose and Norah, in Albuquerque, lost their mother when they were young. Rose is responsible – a housecleaner, […]

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The Princess Diaries

Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) is the average teenager – sweet, a little geeky, and pretty much invisible to everyone with […]

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Model Shop

George Matthews is a young man who is having a bittersweet affair with a French divorcée in Los Angeles. Waiting […]

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The Good Nanny

When strong-willed Summer Pratt takes a job at a beautiful estate as the new nanny to a sweet but sad […]

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Miss Meadows

Prim schoolteacher Miss Meadows (Katie Holmes) is not entirely what she appears. Well-mannered, sweet, and caring, yes, but underneath the […]

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Body Double

Jake Scully comes home to find his girlfriend with another man and has to find a new place. In between […]

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Legally Blonde

Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) has it all. She’s the President of her sorority, a Hawaiian Tropic girl, Miss June in […]

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The Roommate

Fresh from Des Moines, Iowa, Sara Matthews has just landed in Los Angeles as a college freshman studying fashion design. […]

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You, Me and Dupree

For newlyweds Carl and Molly Peterson, life can’t get any sweeter as they begin anew to settle down into married […]

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Bad Ass

Decorated Vietnam hero Frank Vega returns home only to get shunned by society leaving him without a job or his […]

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Definitely, Maybe

Romantic comedy: Will Hayes, a 30-something Manhattan dad is in the midst of a divorce when his 10 year old […]

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Fever Pitch

When relaxed and charming Ben Wrightman meets workaholic Lindsey Meeks she finds him sweet and charming, they hit it off […]

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We like Florence: she’s considerate, sweet, pretty, and terrific with kids and dogs. She’s twenty-five, personal assistant to an L.A. […]

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The Family Tree

The Burnetts are dysfunctional. Jack and Bunnie barely speak, he fantasizes about women at work, she’s having an affair with […]