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No Such Thing

Beatrice (Sarah Polley) works as a researcher at a sensationalist New York City-based media organization, although she is more often […]

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[PT] Technoboss

Luís Rovisco is a divorced man about to retire from a security systems company. He lives alone with his cat. […]

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Beautiful Thing

A tender love story set during a hot summer on a South-East London housing estate. Jamie, a relatively unpopular lad […]

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Catching Hearts

What happens when a bestselling atheist author Professor Mark Gavin loses his faith in atheism? This intense drama asks tough […]

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Maternal Obsession

Lily, 31, is an average woman with an average life. She’s pretty, friendly, and does well at her job as […]

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First Daughter

Samantha Mackenzie loves and supports her parents, US President John Mackenzie and First Lady Melanie Mackenzie, and enjoys the privileges […]

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[HI] Hunterrr

Mandar Ponkshe is an ordinary guy, meaning there is hardly anything extraordinary about him. He is maybe 5’8″ or 5’9″. […]

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[HI] Ek Tha Tiger

In the dark world of intelligence and espionage, all information is guarded in the name of national security. But some […]

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Angel Dog

This heartwarming film is about a dog named Cooper who is the lone survivor of a terrible car accident. Jake, […]

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In Harlem, 1987. Sixteen year old Claireece Jones – who goes by her middle name Precious – is illiterate and […]

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College sophomore Randy Bodek is unfocused. The only thing he knows is that he loves his roommate, Jenny Gordon, who […]

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[HI] Baaghi 2

Ronnie is serving in the Indian army.He gets a call from his former lover Neha as she is clueless about […]

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Strange Behavior

Widowed John Brady is the Chief of Police in small town Galesburg, Illinois, where he has lived most of his […]

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Healing River

This film provides a powerful and accurate picture of the power of forgiveness and mercy. And it does it while-thankfully-avoiding […]

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5G Zombies

OK, so I understand that people need to make a living and am not judging here, well ok, just a […]

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In a small, unnamed country there is an area called the Zone. It is apparently inhabited by aliens and contains […]

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Black Magic 2

Doctors dealing with patients noticed something weird going on, such as zombies with spikes in their heads and when removed, […]

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Down to Earth

It seems everyone is trying to get into heaven; at least those whose time is up. For Lance Barton (Chris […]

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Logan’s Run

It’s 2274, and on the surface, it all seems to be an idyllic society. Living in a city within an […]

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It’s the late 1950s. Mid-twenty-something Kit is a restless and unfocused young man with a James Dean vibe and swagger […]

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Billionaire, software mogul, Adam Pi has everything in life with the exception of positive memories from High School. He begrudging […]

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Must Love Dogs

Preschool teacher Sarah Nolan (Diane Lane), divorced for eight months, is still grieving the end of her marriage. Although she […]

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Sand Castle

A soldier enlists just before the 9/11. He is not a brave man–simply volunteering to defend freedom. Arriving in Iraq […]

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A Wizard’s Tale

A WIZARD’S TALE is a magical family adventure story that sees a young kid named Terry (Toby Kebbell) whisked away […]

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Vijay Salgaonkar runs a cable TV network in a remote and hilly village of Goa. He lives a happy life […]

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Digging for Fire

Married couple Lee and Tim, a part-time yoga instructor and a public school physical education teacher respectively, jump at the […]

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A Streetcar Named Desire

Blanche DuBois, a high school English teacher with an aristocratic background from Auriol, Mississippi, decides to move to live with […]

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Few lives in our times are as dramatic and enigmatic as the saga of Sanjay Dutt. Coming from a family […]

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The Sea Hawk

Geoffrey Thorpe (Errol Flynn) is an adventurous and dashing pirate, who feels that he should pirate the Spanish ships for […]

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Love, Cecil

Respected photographer, artist and set designer, Cecil Beaton. was best known for his Academy Award-winning work, designing for such award-winning […]

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In London, Belgian immigrant Carol Ledoux shares an apartment with her older sister Helen, and works as a manicurist at […]

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Satyameva Jayate

There are about 2 Lakh policemen in Mumbai. Tasked with the safety of this enormous city, a majority of them […]

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Deck the Halls

Optometrist Steve Finch loves those Christmas traditions he has set up with his family and his town. As such, he […]

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Thirty-something George Roundy is a Beverly Hills hairdresser, who spends as much time sleeping with his female clients as he […]

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Miss Congeniality

Undercover F.B.I. Agent Gracie Hart shows no signs of having any femininity in her demeanor or appearance. Generally a bright […]

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StreetDance 3D

A hard-working street dance crew, get through to the national championship, but get shaken up when their leader and main […]

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Penny Palabras

Penny is searching for ways to banish the Straw Man and protect her family. While seeking solutions, she meets The […]

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Max Renn is the President of Channel 83 Civic-TV, a small television station on the UHF dial. He defends his […]

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Look Back in Anger

Jimmy Porter is a loud, obnoxious man, rude and verbally abusive to his wife, Alison. Alison comes from an upper […]

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Wedding in White

It’s the early 1940s in small town Ontario. Sixteen year old Jeannie Dougall is slightly dim, naive and lacks any […]

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Killing Joan

Joan Butler is an enforcer for a local mobster who is known for ruthless tactics and wild abandon. After she […]