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Abandoned Dead

Rachel, a security guard who harbors a fear of the dark, is sent on assignment to secure an abandoned medical […]

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Seduced and Abandoned

SEDUCED AND ABANDONED combines acting legend Alec Baldwin with director James Toback as they lead us on a troublesome and […]

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Four men set sail bound for Tonga on the yacht Rose Noelle. However the yacht capsizes in a storm and […]

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The Abandoned

Take a terrifying plunge into the warped mind of a disturbed young woman. Desperate to get her life back on […]

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Feeling abandoned by friends living more adult lives, Milo rashly decides to become the surrogate for an older gay man […]

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June, Adrift

Emma is an aspiring sound designer in LA stuck paying the bills by creating sound effects for pornos. Barkley has […]

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Shadow Puppets

A woman and a man awake in individual white cells in an abandoned prison or mental institution wearing only underwear […]

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No Such Thing

Beatrice (Sarah Polley) works as a researcher at a sensationalist New York City-based media organization, although she is more often […]

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[RU] Guard

The measured life of the watchman of an abandoned sanatorium is disturbed by the arrival of a strange couple who […]

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Let Me Go

Let Me Go is a film about mothers and daughters, it is about ghosts from the past and the impact […]

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A Christmas Wish

Martha Evans has been abandoned by her husband, who took all their cash and left her homeless and virtually destitute […]

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5ive Must Die

Five college students go urban spelunking in an abandoned insane asylum, and one of them betrays the group for a […]

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No Tell Motel

Stranded in the middle of nowhere, Megan Walsh and her friends are forced to spend the night in an abandoned […]

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[HI] Zokkomon

After the passing of his parents in an accident, Dehradun-based Kunal continues to study in a prestigious school, but is […]

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Caught Inside

Surfing charters are meant to be a trip to Paradise. With six male surfers stuck on a boat, there’s bound […]

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Where the Heart Is

Novalee Nation (Natalie Portman) is a pregnant seventeen-year-old from Tennessee heading to California with her boyfriend Willie Jack Pickens (Dylan […]

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[IT] Mediterraneo

Greek Sea, World War II. An Italian ship leaves a handful of soldiers on a little island; their mission is […]

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Diane’s free-wheeling life of drunken one-night-stands as a professional trucker hits a road block when Peter, her son, is dropped […]

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Lost Place

While on a GPS treasure hunt in the Palatinate forest four teenagers come across an old US military radio tower […]

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy Summers (Kristy Swanson) has the lifestyle any young woman could want. Cheerleading, dating the Captain of the basketball team, […]

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[JA] Tamago

Kii Peninsula, Wakayama, Japan. In a small harbor town at the Southernmost end of Honshu Island, a Highschool senior and […]

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7 Stones

Laura Brummels is determined to avenge the death of a young boy – a death she could have prevented, but […]

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[KO] 0.0 Mhz

The ‘0.0MHz’ is a supernatural mystery club that reveals bizarre psychological phenomena such as seeing ghosts. One day, five members […]

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[ZH] Wet Season

As Mandarin-language teacher Ling continues with fruitless IVF treatment while taking care of her ailing father-in-law, she finds herself slowly […]

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[VI] Little Teo

When Tí decides to abandon his work to go after his girlfriend Minh before she get married in her hometown, […]

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[FR] The Painting

A château, flowering gardens, a threatening forest, here is what, for mysterious reasons, a Painter has left incomplete. Three kinds […]

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Buff sailor man Popeye arrives in an awkward seaside town called Sweethaven. There he meets Wimpy, a hamburger-loving man; Olive […]

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Paranormal Attraction

Paranormal Attraction tells the dark and sinister tale of a young woman, Sara Myer (Brooklyn Haley), who moves into an […]

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[ES] Twisted Obsession

Dan Gillis, an American screenwriter living in Paris, recently abandoned by his wife, and getting used to his new life […]

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Attempting suicide, sultry but down-on-her-luck swindler Liz is rescued by lonely tow truck driver Aiden. But instead of rushing her […]

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Charlie and her friends break into an abandoned warehouse and begin setting up an impromptu party. Unbeknownst to them, something […]

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The Perfect Catch

In small town Parker Falls, Ohio, Jessica is the third generational owner/operator within her family of Wesley’s Hometown Diner, she […]

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The Inside

Horror Thriller film about 5 young girls and their boyfriend who go partying in an abandoned warehouse to celebrate one […]

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Racing Stripes

A young zebra is accidentally abandoned by the circus, but is found by a man and his daughter. On their […]

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Janie Jones

A young girl who has been abandoned by her former-groupie mother informs a fading rock star that she is his […]

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Killer Holiday

Taylor, a former juvenile delinquent, convinces straight-‘A’ student, Cammi to join her and her friends on a Spring Break road […]